Human Disinfection Cabinets For All Social Areas

With its high-tech hydrogen peroxide free disinfectant, our disinfection cabinet is the new and technological way of keeping viruses away from us.

Disinfection cabinets can be used safely at outdoors and indoors at locations such as building entrances, factories, hotels, sea and airports, stadium, theaters, shopping mall, schools, churches, cafes and restaurants.


How The Disinfectant Cabinet Works

Automatic misting of disinfectant solution starts by triggering the photocell switch by one's motion of entering the cabinet and lasts for an average time of (user adjustable) 5 seconds.

Effectively mists through 10 points in a short distance. The tiny fog droplets created by disinfection cabinets have an average size of around 2 microns. They evaporate immediately and do not we the person.

The very last surface area created by these numerous and tiny droplets increases the efficiency of the treatment with a very small amount of water consumption. Doesn't cause puddles on the ground.


Based on the experience of our expert engineers for years, our disinfection tunnel has been designed for direct purpose in correctly calculated width and length dimensions. Thanks to its lightweight design, the cabinet module can be carried without difficulty by two people. It can be fixed on the ground in outdoor applications.

01. Ergonomy & Performance

Cabinet and pumping unit of tunnel can be placed at separate locations. This brings ease of application as the pump and control unit can be placed in a nearby plantroom while only the cabinet is kept visible at the entrance. Thanks to the high pressure of the pump, no loss of misting performance is subject in this type of placement.

02. Economic

Our disinfection tunnel is designed in the simplest possible way away from unnecessary details. This provides long lasting and economic disinfection with minimum service requirement than alternatives.

03. Easy Setup

The disinfection tunnel consisting of two parts as an electro-mechanical equipment unit and a cabin is easily transported. It can be easily assembled in short time in the application area.

General Conditions


Delivery according to quantity.


Up to 5 pcs order payment in advance, over 5 pcs orders 60% cash in advance, 40% before delivery.


Our goods come with a 2 years warranty against the manufacturing defects.


The tunnel is designed for easy installation. buyer will install it according to installation videos and manual. In case of need, seller can send technician for installation. Technician’s flight cost, visa, hotel, food, etc will be covered by the buyer.

What You Need To Know

Due to COVID-19 strict guidelines and safety protocols, customers would have to consider late manufacturing, delay shipments and technical arrival difficulties.